Collective | Aftermath
Collective | Skirmish
Collective | Finding Home
Collective | Finding Home Documentary
Collective | Skirmish (Behind the Scenes)
Collective | Sitting On Top Of The World (Behind the Scenes)
Collective | Has Anyone Seen The Sun? (Behind the Scenes)

Collective combines genres such as jazz, indie-folk, rock and classical.

The band has a sound that’s both energetic and cinematic.

The band leaders; Brennen and Beth Meek, are seeking to simply tell their story, but tell their story in a way that everyone who wishes can join them on their journey.

From its beginning in 2013 until now, Collective has been shaped and reshaped again, and has evolved into much more than a band. This first project includes so many different creative types, from musicians to visual artists to photographers to film makers, and the bands new record label, Out & About Records.

“These songs are extremely personal to me, they’re literally my life’s journey up to this point.

All the songs have been written in such a way that anyone, no matter where they are in life, can insert their situation into the story line of the songs.

The songs are pretty open to interpretation, what I was meaning to convey in the songs might be completely different from what someone else interprets the meaning as…and that’s okay.

For the listeners of this record my hope is that they’ll listen and know that they’re not alone in their situation, and find true comfort and peace to press on”.

-Brennen Meek”


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