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Waves Rush In was first shared with the world by Sam Branson in 2021, with the release of his first EP titled ‘Season’s Change’. A little over one year (and a follow up EP) later, and the singer-songwriter’s debut album has just been announced.

Under The Static is much more than just a debut album (already a momentous occasion for every musician who has ever dreamed the dream), but for Sam, who has written and recorded this body of work in his late thirties, it’s very fabric has been woven from a lifetime of passion, adventure, love, loss and everything in-between. Its lyrics are illuminated by the light of a life truly lived.

As a beautiful homage to these sentiments, the name itself, Waves Rush In, was chosen to represent the waves of life. Whether waves of light, waves of energy, waves of the ocean or waves of emotion, they connect us all.

Waves’ first EPs garnered plenty of support, including a feature in Wonderland Magazine, an on-air interview with BBC Music Introducing Oxfordshire, an A64 interview / performance with SBTV, and a performance on the main stage at Soho House Festival in July 2022, all of which has laid a solid foundation for his upcoming debut album.

For Sam, Waves Rush In is one of his most important journeys yet and the Waves community is about much more than just the music. It is a constellation of kindred spirits who see the world through compassionate eyes; those who believe in truth and authenticity; those conscious travellers who love to explore – internally and externally – and wish to celebrate the best of humanity.


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