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About Stabal

Q: What is Stabal?
Stabal is the platform for live performance on-demand content.

Since 2018, we have been filling the digital space with creative content because we believe that music can be a catalyst for positive change, amplifying artists’ messages of hope and possibility.

Our in-house team captures, edits, and produces the highest quality creative content, released through the Stabal music platform so that worldwide audiences can experience pay-per-view and on-demand live online concerts, performances, interviews, masterclasses, and film.

We partner directly with the largest record labels, publishing companies, and management companies in the world, bringing you the very best artists, with original and unique performances exclusively on Stabal.

Q: Who are Stabal?
We are a company made up of creatives and musicians. Meet our team here.

Q: Is the show live?
In partnership with the artist, their management, their label, and their publisher we work on designing, producing, and recording their live performance, specifically orientated for a digital audience. This pre-recorded live performance is then broadcast to a global audience at an agreed time and date, so you can purchase tickets to watch the broadcast of the artist's show, along with additional bonus content to allow the artist to engage with their fans via this digital medium.

How to use the Stabal Platform

Q: How do I access the show?
A: By logging in (validating your identity) and going to ‘Library - Purchased’ (in the app) and ‘My Library - Purchases’ (on a browser).

Q: How do I login to Stabal for the first time?
A: When you booked your ticket, you received a confirmation email (from ‘Stabal’) with a generic concert link. Click on the link and then click ‘login’ and enter your email address. You can then choose to either create a password or click ‘send me a link’ (see below). Once you are logged in, you will find the show in ‘Library - Purchased’ (in the app) and ‘My Library - Purchases’ (on a browser).

Important Note: the email address you enter has to be the same one that your purchase confirmation email was sent to.

Q: I can’t find my concert link email – help!
A: The first thing to do is check your junk / spam folders, just in case. If it’s not in there, send an email to hello@stabal.com, with details of the Concert you purchased, and the email address you paid with, and we will send you a new link.

Watching a Concert

Q: How do I watch a concert?
A:  You can watch a concert in your web browser on any device. However, we suggest you download the Stabal Viewer App (iOS + Android). Then you can watch on your mobile device, tablet or cast it straight to your Smart TV (subject to compatibility. The app is free to download with any purchase.

See this quick video on how to watch a Stabal concert:

Q: I have Chromecast – how do I cast the concert to that?
A: Instructions on how to do so for each device can be found here:

Desktopclick here
iOS Appclick here
Android Appclick here

Q: I can’t see the Chromecast button
A: We can help troubleshoot further if you send us the following:

1. A screenshot - Please send a screenshot of the video player where the Chromecast button is missing from. Please clarify the specific video you are trying to cast and include the URL if possible.

2. Device, OS version, and (if casting from the web) Chrome browser version - for example - iPhone 8/Apple iOS 12.0.1. If you're not sure what your operating system (OS) or Chrome version is, please go to www.whatismybrowser.com on your device's browser to find out.

3. Model of the Chromecast device you are using.

Q: Why isn’t my Chromecast working?
A: At this time, we do not support Chromecast devices that some TVs have built-in. While it may work, our player is not developed to support this, and we cannot troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Please remember that, if your TV has an HDMI port, you are able to plug a laptop directly into your TV to view the concert via an HDMI cable.

Q: Why is the Concert buffering?
A: We record the concerts with extremely high quality (1080p and 4K) so buffering will most likely be a result of your own internet connection, and the settings on your device. We suggest that you leave the show to buffer in the background and wait to watch it until your internet connection has caught up. In addition, don’t forget to ensure that bandwidth is not being used by other online services concurrently.

Booking & Ticketing

Q: How do I book a ticket?
Booking tickets on stabal.com is simple. Select the concert you want to watch and choose from the ticket options (see below). Once you’ve made your choice, simply fill in your details, agree to the Terms & Conditions, pay, and your ticket is booked! You will then receive a confirmation email with details of how to watch the show. If you lose your email, don’t worry - we’ll send you a reminder email and app notification on the day of the concert.

See this quick video on how to book a Stabal concert:

Q: I’m having trouble processing my payment, what do I do?
Stabal Events Ltd is based in the UK and, as such, there are occasions where a bank may query the transaction for customers not based in the UK. To solve this issue, please ensure that international payments are enabled. Many providers allow this setting to be updated via their online banking apps/websites or, alternatively, speak with your card provider to update the settings to allow international transactions.

Q: What is the difference between a ‘Concert Ticket’ and a ’30 Day Pass’?

A Concert Ticket gives you access to one of our Live Online Concert broadcasts, for the duration of the performance, on the date it airs. You can watch it once only with this ticket.

This option means you can watch the Live Online Concert on the date it first airs and then you have unlimited on-demand viewing for the next 30 days, so you can go back and enjoy it again and again. You can pause / restart the show at any time. In addition to the concert itself, you also gain unlimited access to any bonus content from that same show, such as encore performances, masterclasses, interviews, and documentaries. Each product will have a list of what the artist's bonus content is, so check out the “this option includes” section of the product information, for full information.

Q: What about Merch Bundles?
Firstly, merch bundles come with a 30 Day Pass included - see above. All merch is shipped directly from the artist's own fulfillment partner, so availability and shipping times vary from artist-to-artist. Shipping costs are also defined by the artist fulfillment partner and will be calculated at the checkout stage of your purchase. 

Q: Why isn’t there a Merch Bundle for every concert?
Not every artist chooses to sell merch with their show.

Q: Where are my Concert Tickets / Passes?
All Concert Tickets and 30 Day Passes are electronic, so we send you a confirmation email with a link that you click on to access the login page. We will also send a reminder email on the day the concert airs, just in case. You can access your concerts on the stabal.com website, in the 'My Library' tab, once you validate your identity by logging in. You will see them right there! Finally, if you have the Stabal Viewing App, you will find them in ‘My Library’ > 'Purchases'. 

Q: I bought a Concert Ticket and would like to upgrade to a 30 Day Pass. Can I do that?
Yes! To upgrade your ticket, simply contact us at hello@stabal.com.

Q: Can I buy more than one ticket?
: Each ticket provides one unique access token, based on your email address. So, you can buy tickets for multiple concerts, but not for the same concert. You will also need to process each purchase individually.

Q: I used the wrong email address to purchase my ticket, what do I do?
No problem – email at hello@stabal.com and we’ll sort it for you. Please add screenshots with evidence of your purchase, to save time.

Q: What's a Stabal Subscription?
watch.stabal.com is brimming with on-demand content, from live shows to films, round tables, interviews, and more. And we are adding more. You can get unlimited access to a huge range of content with a Stabal Subscription! It's $3.99 / £2.99 per month, or $39.99 / £29.99 annually (2020 discounted rate!).

Q: Do I need a Stabal Subscription to watch the Concert?
No, you do not need a Stabal Subscription to watch a Stabal Live Online Concert. You do, however, need to verify your identity by logging in to access the concert you purchased – you will find it in your ‘Library - Purchased’ (in the app) and ‘My Library - Purchases’ (on a browser).

Q: Can I have a refund?
Before the Concert: Yes! Simply email hello@stabal.com with your refund request, why you are requesting it, and your proof of purchase. Please blank out any unrelated personal information before sending documentation. Refunds may take up to 10 days to process.

A: After the Concert: Contact hello@stabal.com to find out about eligibility for refunds. Again, we need to know why you are requesting it, and your proof of purchase. Please blank out any unrelated personal information before sending documentation. Refunds can take up to 10 days to process.

Gifting a Ticket

Q: How do I purchase a concert as a gift?
It's easy:
1. Decide which Concert you would like to gift, and click on the page.
2. Once you're there, select the Concert Gift option
3. Select the quantity you would like to purchase.
4. Then, you can either:
 - send directly to the recipient (via email) with a message
 - send them to your inbox to forward or print yourself
5. Go to the Checkout and process your payment.
6. You're done! The Gift Recipient will then receive an email with their Gift Code and will be taken to access the Concert and +bonus features. You'll also receive a notification email to let you know that the Gift has been sent.

Q: Why can't I use Google Pay or Apple Pay to purchase a Gift?
The option to send the Gift voucher to either yourself or the recipient needs to be carried out at the Checkout stage, so express Google and Apple Pay methods cannot be used from the Cart. You can still proceed with other credit card and PayPal payment methods to purchase your Gift.

Q: What happens if I don’t receive my concert gift email?
Check your junk / spam folders - sometimes your inbox settings are too efficient! If you don't have an email in your junk folder, reach out to hello@stabal.com and we will initiate a new email.

How to Redeem a Gift

Q: How do I redeem my gifted concert?
There are two ways:

Email: Click on the Redeem link in your gift email confirmation, and the Concert Ticket will automatically be added to Cart with the Gift Voucher already applied. Simply follow the standard Checkout process to Redeem your gift ticket and get access to the concert.

Printed: Stabal Gifts work like vouchers. Simply add the gifted concert (always the 30 Day Pass option) to your Cart, just as if you were buying it. Then add the code provided on your gift voucher in the Add Coupon field.

Follow the steps at Checkout to Redeem your Gift.

Q: How do I know which concert I’ve been gifted?
Check a few places...

Email: Your email confirmation will say which concert you have been gifted.

Gift Voucher: Your printable gift voucher will also have the name of the artist themselves, in the gift code.

REMEMBER: gift codes are only redeemable for the relevant 30 Day Pass option for whichever artist’s concert you have been gifted. The voucher will not work for any other ticket options.

Q: I haven't received my Gift email confirmation.
Check your junk folders - sometimes it can get lost! If you don't have an email in your junk folder, reach out to hello@stabal.com and we will initiate a new email.

Get More Help

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact our support team at hello@stabal.com

Our office hours are:
Monday to Friday
9am - 6pm GMT

Our team are based in the UK so please allow for different time zones.

We aim to respond to all emails messages within 24-48 hours.

On the event days we have allocated team members to respond to any concerns specifically. The best place to reach us is hello@stabal.com.

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