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Get your EXCLUSIVE Digital NFT Merch and unlock a special performance!

Adekunle Gold Stub

Exclusive to AG’s ‘Catch Me If You Can’ tour.

Includes an exclusive minted NFT.

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Adekunle Gold Stub +

Exclusive to AG’s ‘Catch Me If You Can’ tour

Includes an exclusive minted NFT and access to an exclusive performance AG made just for Adekunle Gold Stub + purchasers.

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Adekunle Gold is releasing exclusive digital NFT merchandise to celebrate the staggering success of his ‘Catch Me If You Can Tour 2022’.

Don’t miss this once in a lifetime chance to own an exclusive AG digital ticket stub from the tour, minted as an NFT which secures your ownership of this exclusive collectible.

This is a limited time offer. Don’t miss out!


BE NUMBER 1: Each ticket has a unique serial number, starting from ticket NUMBER 1 on the first sale and then rising sale by sale.  Over time the lowest numbers are always the most valuable collectibles. 

STEP INTO THE FUTURE: Japan has always been ground-breaking with new ideas that influence Western culture; emoji’s, karaoke, Pokemon, Nintendo, the Tamagotchi, and QR codes. Adekunle Gold is launching his exclusive digital NFT merchandise on the Japanese Digitama NFT marketplace.


Be one of the first to get your Adekunle Gold – Catch Me If You Can 2022 Stub!!!

In addition, If you purchase the Premium Digitama Stub this will unlock an exclusive, never before seen performance by Adekunle Gold * details on how to redeem provided in a specific email from Stabal following your confirmation emai


Stabal have partnered with the leading Japanese ticketing, on-demand platform and NFT marketplace – Zaiko, to bring exclusive Digitama Stubs offerings to the Stabal audience.


What is an NFT? 

A way to prove ownership of a digital asset using blockchain technology.

What are Digitama Stubs?

Standard Digitama Stub: NFT Ticket stub with the event name, date, and serial number based on purchase time

Premium Digitama Stub: NFT Ticket stub with event name, date, venue name, and serial number based on purchase time. Any additional digital assets’ details will be provided by email separately to your Digitama Stub.

Why am I purchasing from Zaiko? 

Zaiko own the Digitama NFT marketplace, and will be minting and registering your NFT directly, on behalf of Stabal.

What is the Digitama marketplace? 

Digitama is one of Japan’s leading NFT marketplaces, specialising in music, and hosting some of the world’s biggest artists.

Can I sell my Digitama Stub?

Yes, after an initial 6-month lockout window you can trade your NFT, selling it easily and securely to other fans or collectors.

Who do I contact if I have a problem or a question? 

You contact Stabal at hello@stabal.com, where our customer support team will work with you to answer any questions and resolve any problems.