About Stabal

We live in an increasingly impersonal and disconnected world. Yet, the same technology that tempts us to be so disconnected from one another also opens doors for a much deeper type of connection. We get that.  

At Stabal, we know that the power of technology can be used to bridge the gap between artists and audiences, doing away with the need for out-of-touch gatekeepers. Our new, global content platform broadcasts live online concerts directly to you, from unique venues, and is accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world.  

These intimate events create a genuine connection between you and the artist, incorporating stories, interviews, unique collaborations, and once in a lifetime performances. All our content is exclusive and produced by us. It’s just not the kind of thing you’ll find online elsewhere.  

We believe that when you get to meet the artist who created the music — when you know their story, their character, their charisma — everything changes. Their music takes on a whole new level of meaning and purpose. Their story can influence your story. 

So with one small monthly subscription, you’ll have access our entire archive of interviews, concerts, behind the scenes footage and much, much more, updated every week. 

Why Stabal?

We all have a hunger to connect with artists and creators beyond just listening to their music. That’s why the already huge live music industry continues to grow worldwide. But trawling through the ever-increasing mass of internet content to find hidden gems from your favorite artists is becoming an almost impossible task. 

That’s where Stabal comes in. We connect you with artists in a new and meaningful way, taking you behind the scenes for a true VIP experience that will change your relationship with the music you love forever.  

We have invested in the very best team, equipment and infrastructure. We find gorgeous, unconventional venues that create a compelling atmosphere, so you can experience your favorite artists in vulnerable and unprecedented sessions. You’ll feel more present with the music than ever before. 

We work closely with artists to curate a one of a kind experience of their music. By creating a  blend of songs, storytelling and audience collaboration, we bring you a depth of engagement far beyond anything achieved in a larger music venue. You’ll experience first-hand a genuine connection between artist and audience, where, in an intimate atmosphere, the freedom exists for emotions, stories and relationships to bloom.